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Friday, February 12, 2010

Moving Circles

Focus on the dot and move your head forward and backward. Can you explain why the circles are moving?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Resume Tips

Resume Tips
When you write your resume, think about it as your marketing tool and not only your personal document. Below are some tips and suggestions on how to write an attractive resume.

Use Titles/Headings that match the jobs you are applying for

With employers receiving hundreds of resumes you must make sure that your resume hooks an employer's attention within a 5-second glance. A great way to do this is to use job titles and skill headings that relate to and match the jobs you want.

Use an attractive design

Employers make snap judgments when glancing at your resume. If they see unrelated job titles or skills the likelihood is very high that they will make an immediate assumption that you are not qualified for the job you want.

Mention your skills, knowledge, and experience

Make your statements short, meaningful and focused on what is related to the job you are seeking.

Make a list of your training and education

This is especially true of the ones that are related to the job you are applying for.

Create content that sells

Resume design should get attention but it's really the content of your resume, the descriptions you include of your skills and abilities, that determines how many interviews you generate--as well as the level of salary offers you receive.

Describe your accomplishment

Use simple, powerful statements that emphasize the results which benefit your employers.

Quantify and use power words

Using numbers to describe your achievements and responsibilities can greatly expand and elevate your image. Using numbers and quantifying creates vivid images in our minds when we read them, whereas general statements like the previous examples are easy to skip over or forget. Typically the more specific you can be in describing your duties, the better.

Analyze the job description to identify key words

Learning how to analyze the key words that employers provide in help wanted ads and job descriptions is a key element in creating powerful resumes.

Identify and solve employer's needs

To beat today's heavy competition for jobs, it's important that you identify and anticipate the full range of needs each employer faces and show how you can fulfill those needs.

Tweak and target your resumes and cover letters

You will generate many more interviews by tweaking your resume and cover letter so that they address the specific skills each employer requests.